Since 1980, Heredity Homes has been building homes of the highest caliber, combining past experience with forward thinking innovation to deliver the home of your dreams.

Timeless design

Superior homes require thoughtful planning, execution and expertise. We draw from the incredible depth and breadth of knowledge from our very talented and experienced staff and trades at each level of the construction process. From architectural design to interior design, you will see the difference experience makes. Heredity homes are designed for those who are captivated by the extraordinary and who approach living with creativity. Our homes are designed with impact and ensure no detail is overlooked.

Renowned experience

Experience makes the difference. Recognized as a building leader and innovator, Heredity Homes is a home builder of the highest caliber, combining past experience with forward thinking innovation to deliver the home of your dreams. We have been anticipating client preferences and responding to client requests for over 40 years.


At Heredity Homes, our focus is on consistently delivering quality in everything we do; in our product, our service and our people. We are focused on ensuring quality materials and premium structural components are installed and fabricated by veteran workers, highly skilled in the building trades. True craftsmanship is at its finest in every Heredity home. Only the most skilled professionals are invited to put their special touches on our homes, to produce a masterful blend of architectural detailing, time-honored craftsmanship, and today's most desirable luxury features. At Heredity Homes we promote honest communication and we recognize and respect that each home is a grand achievement of our very talented group of professionals.

Valued Partners

It takes extraordinary people to build extraordinary homes. That is why we surround ourselves with outstanding people - people with great heart, people who love what they do and people who have a burning passion to be the best. Our great reputation attracts and retains great people - many who have worked almost exclusively for Heredity Homes and have worked with us their entire career.

Superior Service

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and is the yardstick by which we measure our true success. Being selective with the number of homes we build ensures that each client receives undivided attention and a caliber of customer service which is second to none. Our unmatched, fully personalized and customized service not only heightens your experience with Heredity Homes, it defines it. This is why so many referrals come from former and existing clientele, and why many clients build more than one Heredity home. We are not resting on our solid reputation for exceptional service but continuing to build upon it, one happy customer at a time.

Your Heredity Home…Exceptional Craftsmanship Without Compromise!